Friday, December 23, 2011

review: target red garlic curry sauce

Authentic ethnic food at home can be a dream...but sometimes you want the same flavors quickly and in the comfort of home.  Instead of reaching for a delivery/take-out menu (which I wouldn't have found for Indian food anyway because I still haven't found an Indian place in Dallas. *gasp*)...I decided to warm up Target's Archer Farms Red Garlic Curry Sauce.

So what's the sitch?

Maybe I should have made it with lamb or beef like the jar says....instead I made a quick Indian marinade (yogurt, garlic, lemon juice, a couple of tablespoons of garam masala)...marinated some chicken and then grilled it on my indoor grill.  I simmered the simmer sauce, made some basmati rice, and was done!

Now was it the best curry I'd ever had? No. Maybe I should have doctored it up a little.  But was it a quick and easy, satisfying meal? Sure. I suggest try it out! I'm definitely going to pick up their tikka masala sauce one day...even though I have a great recipe with such simple ingredients, you'll be wondering why you pay $20 for a tikka masala entree at Clay Pot.

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